Use Reflexology to Eliminate Stress
Use Reflexology to Eliminate Stress

Use Reflexology to Eliminate Stress

reflexology treatmentThe painful reality of stress is cropping up in an increasing number of scientific studies such as the one conducted by the American Medical Association that reported that stress plays a role in 75% of diseases. There was even a recent study that linked stress effects with weakening the heart muscles.

Effects That Stress Has on the Heart

It was reported in GreatLife magazine in the August 2004 edition, that researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. had in a clinical trial studied the effects that stress has on the heart and monitored the heart’s reaction to everyday events.

The researchers discovered that the more sadness, anger, and stress that someone has experience, the less their hearts are able to respond effectively. It is as if the pressured that is exerted on the heart through the continuous emotion ups and downs that stress has caused to stretch beyond it being able to rebound to normal.

Link Between Reduced Heart Rate and Depression

It was determined by another study that there is a link between impaired heart health and depression. Researchers at Yale University and Emory University studied 50 pairs of boy twins recently by hooking them up for 24 hours for electrocardiograms. It was concluded that a link existed between reduced heart rate variability (HRV), or the fluctuations in between heartbeats, and depression. Reduced HRV may weaken the heart and cause it to be susceptible to experiencing sudden fatalities.

Reflexology: Low-Cost Option for Offset Stress

Reflexology may be a low-cost, natural option to natural sedatives for offsetting the effects of stress on overall health and stress on the heart. The aim of reflexology is to treat the spirit, mind, and body as a comprehensive system to get at the cause of the disease, and not just its symptoms. Reflexology has the capacity for cancelling out the effects that stress has and helps the body get to the place of deep relaxation so that the body systems can be balanced.

Reflexology Reduces Stress

The relaxation process allows the body to be better able to deal with all of the stresses that daily living places on it along with those that are associated with illnesses. Reflexology is able to nudge the body gently towards improved functioning of the body’s system through improving muscle relaxation, stimulation of nerve pathways, venous circulation, and lymphatic drainage.

In a reflexology research report, there was a Chinese study that showed how reflexology was able to effectively alleviate the effects caused by extreme stress. There were 20 patients treated for neurasthenia – which is a condition involving extreme emotional stress who were given a reflexology course at the department of physiotherapy at the hospital. The treatments were focused on parts of the feet that related to the heart, brain, sinus, bladder, kidney, and adrenal glands, which are organs that stress effects compromise.

These treatments were given every day for one week and the results were present in July 1993 at the Chinese reflexology symposium: 40 percent were completely cured; 35-percent experienced significant improvement; 15 percent saw a mild improvement, 10 percent did not report any change.

Feel-Good Hormones Are Released By Reflexology

Reflexology reduces tension and stress therapeutically throughout the body’s systems in order to improve lymph and blood circulation, release toxins from the tissues of the body, and increase nerve supply into the cells. It is thought to encourage the release of endorphins, which are the natural feel-good hormones of the body, which are well-known for being able to relieve stress.

Self-Healing Is Supported By Reflexology

Those physiological benefits help to facilitate improvement in the body assimilate nutrients, immune system stimulation, and elimination of wastes. Reflexology supports the body and its self-healing process for maintaining the balance that results in good health.

Reflexology also feels great and almost everyone is a good candidate for reflexology – including individuals who are not good candidates for various types of traditional massage therapy based on physical restriction or who might have inhibitions about disrobing. You just remove footwear with reflexology.