Understanding If A Career In Plumbing Is Right For You
Understanding If A Career In Plumbing Is Right For You

Understanding If A Career In Plumbing Is Right For You









It may be hard to imagine but 86% of all plumbers suggest other individuals begin a career in plumbing. Studies have shown that the plumbing field is expected to grow by at least 12% in 2024 alone. You may be wondering what type of qualifications you need to become a plumber.

The answer may surprise you, there are actually no academic qualifications needed to be a plumber in the United Kingdom. However, there is specific qualifications that will give you the edge in getting the job. It is possible for any individual to have a career in plumbing. If you are at a point in your life when you are thinking of a new career, you may want to become a plumber.

A career as a plumber in the United Kingdom can be very rewarding. Plumbing is one of those careers that is fully hands-on and will never go out of business. This is due to the fact that every building requires specific repairs and installations. As a plumber, you have the opportunity to alone or with a company. You may choose to specialize in drainage, sewage, irrigation, or drinking water systems. There may be times when you are working on historical buildings to bring plumbing systems up to date.

Continue reading alone to find out all you need to know about plumbing and how you can get started in this exciting career.

How To Know If This Is The Right Profession

Every individual has an opinion about specific jobs. There are those people who could never understand a certain profession and find it to be dull or too dangerous. With this in mind, so may find the profession of plumbing to be rather boring, while others consider it quite exciting.

There are several roads which you can take to become a qualified plumber. You may choose to enrol in an institution to earn a level 3 diploma in plumbing. Or you may choose to start with training and begin working as soon as possible Due to the fact that plumbing is a rather skilled profession, you need to have specific skills and knowledge regarding plumbing.

While you may just have a passing interest in the plumbing field, you need to find out if this is going to be the right career for you. Taking the time to fully understand it can save you a lot of time, money, and heartbreak.

In order to work as a plumber in the United Kingdom, you will need:

– Critical thinking skills.

– A friendly and outgoing demeanour as you will be working in people’s homes.

– Confidence in your plumbing abilities.

– Fully developed mechanical and technical skills.

– Excellent manual dexterity.

– Good communication skills.

– Works well under pressure.

– Ability to solve problems on the spot.

– Works well with strict deadlines

So, what is your opinion? Do you think you have what it takes to be an exceptional plumber? There are other ways to find out if the plumbing is the right career for you right now. You can take a course about plumbing online right now. There are a number of companies that provide this beginners course. If you do decide to go into the plumbing industry you may want to make yourself familiar with different plumbing supply store.

Duties and Responsibilities

The day in the life of a plumber is not only challenging but can be quite rewarding, it all depends on the type of person you are. There are a number of places and specializes you can work under. With that being said, this profession has the ability to take a toll on you both physically and mentally.

However, getting a better understanding of the typical day in the life of a plumber will help you better understand this profession. It will help you decide if this is the career path you desire. As a plumber, you will have to:

– Discuss the situation with the customer and deduce what the problem is.

– Offer customers an estimate on the cost and time to complete a project.

– Install water and drainage systems in buildings.

– The ability to properly cut and join pipe fittings of different types.

– Find and repair faults in pipes.

– Install and repair major appliances in the homes such as washing machines and dishwashers.

– The ability to install and repair gas and oil-fired central heating systems.

– Respond to emergency calls such as blocked drains and busted pipes.

The installation of weather-proof materials to roofs and chimneys.