The Importance Of Using Specialist Security Fencing At Prisons
The Importance Of Using Specialist Security Fencing At Prisons

The Importance Of Using Specialist Security Fencing At Prisons






To protect a business or building, or really any facility at all, security fencing can prove to be a good option. If physical barrier can provide the psychological and physical structure that will keep people from breaking in. At prisons, you will need this type of security feature – it allows inmates to stay inside, plus it will prevent intruders from getting in. Obviously, you will need to use something like a specialist security fencing system, one that the Ministry of Justice has approved if you want the best form of security.

What features does this offer?

These are difficult to go over

Most of the highest quality perimeter fencing is going to be very tough to scale over, but if you are using specialist prison fencing, it is much more difficult to do. The close mesh design prevents people trying to climb the fence from finding any form of handholds or footholds that they could use to climb the fence. It creates a net effect of being virtually impossible for anyone to climb this perimeter fencing. Therefore, it is one of the most effective forms of keeping inmates inside of the prison by preventing them from climbing over and potentially taking contraband with them off of prison grounds.

It is very difficult to cut through

Intruders that will first attempt to climb a fence, and fail, will next try to cut through it. Specialist prison fencing is designed to prevent this from happening, yet if they do use a sustained force, such as that from heavy-duty power tools, it may be breached over time. If they are successful, due to the fact that it takes a long, your security team will often hear them and will be able to apprehend them before they are done. This means that an inmate trying to cut through, or someone trying to go into any facility with this fencing, can be dealt with very easily. If you are interested in fencing contractors see here.

A very secure installation process

Due to its special construction, it will keep prisons as safe as possible. The combination of the material being double skinned, as well as by adding steel cladding, will add extra protection for everyone. It is very difficult to break through when constructed in this manner. There are also fence panels that will be installed. These will be secured to specifically designed posts, preventing intruders from removing them. This combination of security features on this fencing makes it very safe and secure.