Stag Do Ideas
Stag Do Ideas

Stag Do Ideas

Are you aware of the four main skills that would enable you to be comfortable in any situation? According to the Bear Grylls Adventure experience, you must know how to solve escape rooms, how to escape mazes, how to overcome physical obstacles, and the art of archery. By enrolling into the Basecamp program offered by the Birmingham Bear Grylls Adventure centre you’ll have to opportunity to try your hand at all these four activities. Once you’re done with this training, you’ll be able to choose one of the four headline activities available. These activities are scuba diving or snorkelling, wall climbing, indoor skydiving, and completing a high ropes course you’ll access via a zip line from helicopter (a model one, but still exciting). If you don’t know which one to choose, you can sign up for an all-in pass and do the Basecamp and all four additional activities described above. Better still, you can kick off the stag do celebrations and start the team bonding on the journey up, especially if you hire a private minibus!

Fish Some Monsters In The Algarve

Algarve is one of those areas in Portugal where you’d expect to meet only retired Brits seeking for some warmth. However, this area has a lot more to offer than a mild and comforting climate and sensational foods. Get out at sea around Albufeira and you’ll have the chance to catch some really big fish. These waters are home to three kinds of sharks, as well as swordfish and tuna. How would it feel to catch a hammerhead shark and drag it on your boat? Well, whatever you may manage to capture, you’ll only be allowed to take a snapshot of it and then let it go. This is fishing as a sport. If you also want to taste some local fish, you’re welcome to book a table at one of the restaurants on the shore.

Enjoy Some Friendly Rivalry Golfing Around Ireland

Playing golf with your best friends is one of the most rewarding and exciting activities in the world. Ireland is home to countless golf courses, so you’ll find at least one wherever you may go. If all your friends know how to play it, golf can be the best idea for a stag. It works best because it isn’t physically demanding, being therefore a great option after a late night. It may occur that one of your friends will rather enjoy some beers, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Ireland is the land of pubs, beer houses and golf courses. If you want to be near a big city, choose either Dublin or Cork.

Climb A Wall Of Ice

You can feel like one of those warriors in Game of Thrones. Well, at least to a certain extent, as this ice wall measures only 12m in height. This isn’t the same as climbing a 200m wall with all sorts of enemies attacking you. Surprisingly enough, ice-climbing is not the most exciting activity you can experience at Ice Factor in the Scottish Highlands. Check out the aerial assault course that’s full of obstacles such as vine swings, commando nets and tightrope walks. You’ll have to overcome all these at 10m above the ground.

Get Castaway In Cornwall

Cornwall, and particularly the town of Newquay, is the ideal stag venue in the UK. What makes it so good is the wide range of activities available here, but also the vibrant nightlife. You’ll probably want to spend some quality time in pubs, and that’s absolutely fine. Nevertheless, book the Cornwall Castaway mini-adventure with Newquay Activity Centre to have some fun during daytime. They will get you shipwrecked off the coast and you’ll have to work your way to dry land by swimming and climbing the rocks on the coast. Once you get to the Dead Man’s Cove, you’ll acquire some basic survival skills and you’ll eat some foraged food. Next, you’ll return to civilisation on a stand-up paddleboard. For even more fun, consider bringing a friend with you, as you won’t find many of them on site.