blue marketing arrowShould you hire a marketing agency or keep everything in-house? This can be a crucial decision to make when it comes to your online marketing. The following is a breakdown of the key differences between hiring an agency and hiring in-house.

Diversification of Skills

Generally speaking, online marketers have a tendency to have specific sets of skills. There are conversion rate specialists, content marketing experts, social media masters, paid search specialists, and so forth.

However, online marketing is much complex for just one individual to have expertise in every aspect.

So when you hire an in-house paid search specialist, you expect that they will do a great job with paid search. However, what if your paid search campaigns are not working out? Then what do you do?

Diversify Your Marketing Efforts

Companies that hire in-house frequently struggle with diversifying their online marketing efforts. Investing in new marketing channels, after all, can be a big risk. So when you hire somebody and things don’t work out then you have created a situation for yourself that is very difficult.

This results in companies frequently end up stuck with just using one marketing channel. Often, the channel isn’t even working very well.

For instance, if you have a really good landing page designer, but you have horrible ads driving the wrong type of traffic to your website, then you might have a hard time achieving good results from your marketing campaigns.

Is This the Fault of your Designer?

No, of course not! However, if your marketing skills are siloed like this, then you probably will not end up achieving the results from your online marketing efforts that you would like to.

On the other hand, if you hire a good brand agency, like Muze Creative then you will have access to a broad range of skills at hand.

For instance, accounting managers are part of marketing teams which include experts that have a broad range of various online marketing specialties: site testing, design, Facebook, AdWords, etc.

Each team member individually is great at the work they do, however, collectively they offer a lot more value compared to what just one person can.

An added bonus is that since every member of the team is working on several different accounts, they have the breadth and depth of experience that provides them with insights that can be applied to new situations and campaigns.

Pay for a Diverse Set of Skills

When looking at this at first glance, it may appear to be more expensive to do things that way. After all, if you cannot afford to hire another individual for diversifying your marketing efforts, then how will you be able to afford to pay a marketing agency to do this for you?

Generally speaking, a majority of companies do not need to have dedicated services of a full-time Facebook account manager, full-time designer, and a full-time AdWords expert. However, they will benefit from each person’s services.

Unfortunately, if you are going to hire in-house, it may be difficult to find a web designer or AdWords expert who would be willing to just work for a couple of hours per week. However, in an agency, one AdWords expert can manage multiple accounts. This will keep her or him busy enough in order for the agency to justify full-time employment, even though one account may not require the person’s full-time talents and work.

As a result, whenever you are working with a marketing agency, you have access to the skills and talents of high-level experts from various specialties without needing to hire them as full-time employees – which for your business is great news.

In-House vs Agency

So in terms of skill diversification, should you hire in-house or go with a marketing agency?

When getting down to it, it comes down to resources. For a bigger company, it might be worth investing in hiring someone in-house in order to further diversify its marketing efforts.

So if you have significant marketing needs that justify a dedicated expert being hired, then you will achieve the best results from someone being hired in order to work full-time in that channel.

For most businesses, however, agencies are an excellent diversification option.

Most companies either can’t afford or need to hire an entire team of dedicated marketers, then working with a marketing agency can be a really good way of broadening your marketing without having to increase your overhead significantly.