Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel refurbishment is a task best left to professionals. a professional providing this service will begin by removing the tyres from the wheels. It is important that the existing finish is completely removed before the work can commence. Removing the existing finish will allow the new finish to be applied with greater adhesion. This will also allow repair work to be done on the wheels that keep them in excellent condition. The chemicals applied in the stripping process will not cause any damage to the wheels.

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Once the stripping process has been completed, the last vestiges of the existing finish will be blasted away. Blasting will also remove all corrosion from the wheels and fully prepare the wheel for alloy wheel refurbishment.

Once completed all gouges, scuffs and other damage on the wheel will be fully visible and can be earmarked for repairs.

If the damage is nothing more than light scuffs on the wheels the repairs will also be very light and easy to address. But if the damages include deep gashes, they will need to be filled in and sanded down. This process is very similar to auto body work.



After the wheel has been stripped and blasted, and mended as necessary, it is time to add some paint. But first a base coat will be added to ensure maximum adhesion. Typically a silver paint is used at this point of the process. The skill needed to apply this base coat is essential to attaining a perfect final result and only comes with extensive practice.

As the painter applies the paint they will make their way around the wheel in a clockwise fashion. A skilled professional with many years of experience will always begin at the 6 ‘o’clock point and work their way from the center of the wheel outwards. This will continue until the entire wheel has been painted.

The entire process of painting the wheel can be completed fairly quickly. As a matter of fact it is important that the entire wheel is properly painted before the first part has had a chance to dry. This will allow the colour to be seamless all across the wheel.


In addition to completing the entire process in a specific amount of time it is essential that this painstaking process is carried out with the highest attention to detail. Wheels are not flat surfaces and this means that they can be especially difficult to paint for someone with no experience. One of the biggest mistakes is paint running because too much was applied in one spot.

As you can imagine, the more often this task is practiced the higher the skill level of the painter and the finer the final product will appear. Some professionals will even apply infrared heat lamps to dry the base coat. After the paint has been applied, the only thing left is to add a special coat of lacquer that will keep the wheel looking absolutely great. That is the final step in the process.

You will even be able to choose from an attractive array of colours when you have your wheels professionally refurbished. Some of the most popular options today include cream, satin black, anthracite, metallic anthracite and many more. Best of all this can be done for a fraction of the cost of buying new wheels.