Marketing Agency Vs Hiring In-House
Marketing Agency Vs Hiring In-House

Marketing Agency Vs Hiring In-House

Should I hire a marketing firm or keep things in-house? This is one of the most vital questions when it comes to online marketing. In this read, we are going to give you a breakdown of the differences between the two and help you decide which one is right for you.

Skill Diversification

Generally, online marketers have specific skill sets. You will come across content marketing gurus, paid search specialists, conversion rate mavens, social media masters, etc. However, online marketing nowadays is too big and sophisticated for an individual to be excellent in all aspects.

So, if you get an in-house specialist for paid search marketing, and you do not get the expected results, what do you do?

Diversifying Your Marketing

Organisations that hire an in-house marketer usually find it hard to diversify their efforts. Investing in a new marketing channel is always a risk and if you hire a marketer and things don’t go as expected, you’ll have created a tough situation for your company.

As a result, these usually end up stick with a single marketing channel and in most cases, that channel doesn’t show satisfactory results. For example, if you have an excellent landing page designer, but awful ads, which are bringing irrelevant traffic, you’re going to have a hard time getting great results. This, of course, is not the fault of the designer, but if you invest in marketing skills in such a manner, you’re only going to end up with sub-par results.

On the contrary, with a reputable and experienced marketing agency like Leapfrog Internet Marketing, you will have access to a wide array of skills. For instance, account managers belong to marketing teams that have experts with a huge array of online marketing specialists in various areas such as Adwords, Facebook, Design, etc.

Each team member is good at what they specialise in, but as a team, they provide more value compared to working with a single person. Also, since each person is actively working on several accounts, they have broad experience that provides them with insights that they can apply to your campaign.

Investing in Diverse Skills Sets

At first, this seems like a costly way to go about things. After all, if you cannot afford to have another person to diversify your company’s marketing efforts, can you be able to hire an agency?

Generally, most organisations do not require the dedicated services of a full-time Facebook account manager, designer and AdWords specialist. However, they can benefit from the services of each specialist. The disappointing part is that is difficult to find a web designer or AdWords expert who’s willing to only work for a few hours per week.

However, in an online marketing agency, the same expert could manage several accounts, and this keeps them busy enough to justify full-time employment with the marketing company, even if a certain account does not require their full-time or talents.

That being said, when you hire a marketing company, you benefit from the skills of true experts in an array of marketing aspects without having to hire them full-time. This is obviously great for your business as you get to save on costs while receiving top of the line services.

Marketing Agency or In-house?

So, in regards to skill diversification, should you stick an agency or hire in-house?

Well, ultimately, the answer to this question depends on resources. For bigger firms, it might be worth hiring a person to diversify their efforts in online marketing. After all your needs are big enough that they call for a dedicated expert. In such a case, you may get the best results by hiring an expert to work on a marketing aspect full-time.

However, for most business, especially the small to medium, agencies present the best solution for diversification. Most firms do not need, or cannot afford to hire an entire team of dedicated online marketers and so, working with an agency is a great way to widen their market without spending a fortune.