How To Hire An Interior Designer And Work With Them
How To Hire An Interior Designer And Work With Them

How To Hire An Interior Designer And Work With Them

Having a new pair of eyes on your house can be a critical element when you considering a modern interior design and planning for a new look. Having an interior designer who is able to spot the problems and potential of any room instantly and knows how to properly channel their creative magic is just like having a fairy godmother that you never were aware that you needed! Your interior designer will do all of the research and handle the time frame and budget. That frees up your time so you can do the things you enjoy. It is key to hire the right interior design for your home project. Not only should their creative style appeal to you but you also should be able to communicate well with them to make sure both of you understand what you are trying to accomplish.

How to find a good interior designer

A great place to start when searching for an interior designer is to get recommendations or visit local interiors stores and ask if they offer any design services. Follow people online who have an interior aesthetic that you like. The British Institute of Interior Design also has a “Find A Interior Designer’ service that allows you to look for designers based on postcode, such as bespoke interior designer Hampshire.

How to hire an interior designer

Make sure your designer and you are able to communicate well with each other before you hire them to handle your project. Have a consultation first. Michael Rasky, Los Angeles Interior Designer, recommends that you look at a designer’s project that they have completed. You don’t need to like all of their work but their design aesthetics spirit should run throughout their work. He says he likes meeting at the project site and have a conversation before establishing a formal relationship. There should be some sort of connection between the two of you.

Where to begin when working with your interior designer

Determine the amount of money you want to spend and make sure your designer understands what your budget is. Tell them how involved you would like to be in your project. Would you like your designer to handle most things or would you like to oversee every single decision? Stay open to new suggestions and ideas throughout the entire process since that is what you are paying your interior designer for.

The following are some great questions that you can ask an interior designer at your initial consultation

Ask the interior designer to tell you about a colour palette that they prefer and one of their favourite projects that they worked on. What do they believe works or does not work in your current space? Ask if you can talk to past clients and ask them to explain how their process works following the first meeting.

Interior designer Geraldine Morley says that how much an interior designer discusses the planning of your project when they describe their design process, ask you questions, and actually listens to you are all indicators of being able to have a good relationship and a successful project ultimately. She says she likes to understand not only how the client will be living in the new space once the project has been completed, but also in the coming years so that it can be “future-proofed.”

Important things that need to be considered before you hire an interior designer

Make sure that any interior designer that you are considering is insured and qualified. Then trust that you have hired the very best person for your project and enjoy the process. Zoe Louise Harrison, Ginger & Green Creative Director says, make sure you think practically about what the space is going to be used for. I have three kids so my home needs to be bullet-proof. It must be practice and liveable to fit in with my lifestyle. One thing I always do is assess how the client is using the space; factors such as if they do a lot of entertaining or how busy their house is. Those things all play into it s you begin to look for materials.