Drum Pump Uses
Drum Pump Uses

Drum Pump Uses

Thousands of different applications over numerous industries need liquids to be safely transferred from one container to the next. Frequently these types of transfers involve viscous fluids, acids, or harsh chemicals that need special handling done by heavy-duty pumps. To complete those tasks, technicians rely on high-quality barrel and drum pumps and double diaphragm drum pumps.

Portable Systems

The ultimate portable pumping systems are barrel and drum pumps. From a small amount of fluid being transferred into a container to a whole plating tank being pumped out, barrel and drum pumps offer high performance and versatility in an easy-to-move portable system.

They are lightweight, which makes them the perfect option when moving from one application to the next. No high voltage power supplies or complicated switchgear are needed by AC-powered drum pumps. Just plug it into a standard power outlet and you will be ready to get to work. Smaller-sized airlines are used by air-powered units compared to other types of air-driven applications.

It is easy to use them. Place the pump tube inside the liquid. You will be able to start pumping immediately. when you are finished, pull out the tube, along with any residual liquid inside the tube drains so that there are no trapped fluids. That allows you to easily rinse the pump and use it on your next application.

Fast Transfers

Any time that part of an operation can be done more efficiently and faster, it benefits the company. The delivery head and high flow of barrel and drum pumps allow liquids to be quickly transferred by technicians. This can potentially increase how many deliveries can be made in a day, to boost product production, or improve the ability for fulfilling orders.

Transfer of Harsh Chemicals

Numerous applications require heavy-duty solutions in order to safely handle highly corrosive or harsh substances. When chemicals are being transferred, it is critical that equipment be used that can handle the task. When the right barrel and drum pumps are used, they can move corrosives and acids safely from one container to the next. This is absolutely essential for minimizing pump repairs, mitigating risk, and maintaining safety standards.

Noise Reduction

Barrel and drum pumps provide a portable, compact solution for applications that can have noise concerns. These pumps have lower decibel levels compared to other types of technologies. That makes the liquid transfer process less disruptive. Many models come with variable speed motors, so the dBA level can be further reduced by reducing the speed of the motor.

This is especially valuable n environments where machinery needs to be operated near the general public or customers. Aquariums and medical facilities are potential applications that may benefit from noise reduction.

Testing and Measuring

Barrel and drum pumps make the testing process more convenient and easier. The portable systems allow technicians to efficiently and quickly test fluids in different areas. That allows them to easily determine water purity, chemical levels, and other vital measurements in different parts of the facility without needing a lot of effort or time. This process is helped by convenient cordless pump designs, along with their portability and size.

The testing application can be very useful in such settings as water treatment plants, fish hatcheries, electroplating facilities, and aquariums. Barrel and drum pumps help technicians in those facilities maintain the right chemical levels in different storage containers, baths, and tanks.