Bucket List of Family Fun
Bucket List of Family Fun

Bucket List of Family Fun

Are you looking for ideas and ways to help make this your best year yet? This bucket list of activities for families has all sorts of challenges, fresh air activities, and tons of family fun that you can enjoy when you’re in the UK. So, as you plan your next break with your family, it may be time to see just how many of these fun events you can accomplish.

Why not set it a goal to have the best holiday break ever?

Your holidays are a thing to look forward to, from the instant you book your reservation to that instant when you finish packing your case. You don’t even need to plan to go abroad, as we have tons of staycation options for you, right here in the UK, and all of them offer loads of fun for your family. It’s time to get some inspiration for your next family break, whether you’d rather spend it in a cosy cottage, at a theme park, or doing something else entirely. Let’s take a look at a few fun options.

Enjoy a Steam Train Ride with the Kids

Children tend to be fascinated by transportation, and steam train rides are both old fashioned and magical. Find a local steam railway, climb on board, and enjoy a day out that’s fit for all ages as you travel through some of the most attractive scenery in the UK. Take a look at these top ten steam trains in the UK, or, if you need a trip that’s designed specifically for kids, consider a Thomas the Tank themed adventure.

Visit a new City in the UK

How many of the 69 cities in the UK have you traveled to? Why not make it your goal to visit one new city per year? There are numerous places to try, so you can stay amused for quite some time. Start out by pondering things to do in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, York, Edinburgh, or Bristol.

Consider Learning a New Skill

Learning skills is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone, and it’s even better if you decide to do so as a family. Consider trying an indoor ski slope, so that you can learn snowboarding or skiing indoors, or head to a climbing centre to learn how to rock climb in a controlled environment. Or consider attending a night at a pottery centre to enhance your arts and crafts skills. Your local community centre or library may also have family workshops or classes that you can enjoy together, so you may want to investigate.

Enjoy Technology

Technology is continually changing, and you may not know just how many new things have been added over the last year. There are more ideas than ever for you to enjoy together as a family. Consider looking into our virtual reality experiences for kids, or the UK’s best VR centres, so that you and your family can enjoy and entirely new experience.

Relax at a Waterpark

When warm weather hits, it’s fun to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Beat the summer heat and have fun with your family when you enjoy time at a water park. Not sure you can hold off until summer? Take a look at this list of indoor water parks in the UK, and have a fun day in the water, no matter what the weather is doing.

Enjoy Time Outside

It isn’t called “The Great Outdoors” for no reason. There are numerous outdoor destinations to enjoy in the UK, from local walks to forests to gardens to lakes – there’s even treetop adventures! Even if it’s raining, throw on a raincoat and your wellies and adventure out, you’ll be sure to enjoy the time you spend with your family.

Do a New Thing Every Month

Why not make this the year that you try all the new things you’ve always wanted to? Have you always wanted to try water skiing, a new walking route, or go skydiving? The possibilities at hand are almost limitless, so what sounds good to you?