One of the best ways to quickly deal with tech related problems is through a help or support desk system. This software has been shown to drastically improve efficiency within most IT departments. This is because it eliminates the need for various manual processes, improves workflow, easily organises workflow etc.


With a help desk, workers can quickly submit their problems and get them attended to and fixed a lot faster. This ensures that everyone is more productive. IT workers also get more free time to do work that is actually important and don’t need to waste time with additional manual processes.


They also help IT staff to place problems into easy to identify categories that are prioritised. This improves the sequencing of work. One good example of this is if there are multiple issues in a particular server room, the IT tech would be able to see this and attend to all of them while in that room as oppose to walking back and forth.

One Area For All Requests

Help desks typically have a single user portal where all users can open tickets, view the status of their ticket and close them when the problem has been addressed. These portals can also allow IT personnel to communicate with users. For example, if there is a planned downtime, they can use the help desk portal to inform all users so that they don’t receive a flood of tickets.

Easily Customisable

The basic help desk ticket allows you to place a title and description of the problem you’re having. However, you can create more fields for more information so that tickets can be better categorised. For example, fields such as the particular department, floor number etc can be included. This allows for much easier sorting and categorisation but also enables better reports and data analysis.

Improves Workflow

Help desks are great for tracking various metrics and can let you know on average how much time it takes for a ticket to get resolved. This is very useful for IT managers who want to find trends. One good example of this is if a particular IT staff member is particularly exceptional at a certain task, then it may be best to give this staff member all of those particular type of tickets to resolve. This will greatly improve efficiency in the IT department.


As you know, not all tickets are equal and some are more severe than others. For example, a ticket about a failed server is a lot more important than a ticket about a malfunctioning mouse. This is because the failed server negatively impacts the entire company and business as a whole. So, with the help desk, IT staff can easily identify highly severe tickets and ensure they are fixed asap.

Auto Assign

Help desk software is actually able to analyse tickets and assign them to particular IT staff based on certain tags or criteria. One example of this is that the help desk can automatically assign all issues with mobile support to Steve. It can even assign all tickets that come from Marketing to Anne. It is even possible to identify certain keywords and assign those tickets to a particular person. For example, all of the tickets that have the keyword, “password” are automatically sent to Jessica.

Improve Expectations

Changes with respect to due dates can be easily managed through a help desk. This is not only good for IT staff but also users who submit tickets. It is easy for due dates to be sorted and manually or automatically assigned.

Avoid Re-inventing

There are certain issues that tend to happen on a regular basis. With a help desk system in place, the notes and files that are used to resolve the issue can be saved and uploaded. This allows other persons in the IT department to quickly access these solutions so that they can quickly resolve it when it recurs.

Identifies Value

Lastly, when you have a help desk, you can create reports any time to show how many tickets the IT department resolves for any time period. This easily shows how valuable the IT staff are and also shows the main problem areas that need to be addressed.