Antique TV Show That You Must Watch
Antique TV Show That You Must Watch

Antique TV Show That You Must Watch

If antiques are something you are interested in, then you don’t need to go too far to get your fill of collectables and antique drama. The shows allow you to watch antique dealers on television to learn from them and see how they work. Please go check out Serendipity Fleet if you would like to visit a lovely antique shop!

Whether you are passionate about antique furniture, art deco lamps, or old jewellery, a great place to learn about these interests is TV. There are numerous antique TV shows you can watch, to inspire antique adventures of your own. You might be wondering what the best UK antique shows are. We have compiled our top five here for you.

Favourite Antique Programmes In The UK

Antiques Roadshow

This may be the oldest show on our list. However, it is a perennial favourite programme that doesn’t show any signs of giving up its place as one of the top antique shows in the UK. The show invites members of the public to get their antiques appraised by experts. In each episode, they travel to a different part of the country. Being able to listen to experts discuss why certain items are valuable while others are not is an outstanding education in antique for aspiring collectors. However, even for experienced collectors, they are also informative since every episode has something new. It has run since 1979, so it definitely has a great formula. Fiona Bruce is the current host.

Bargain Hunt

This is among the longest-running daytime TV shows. It was first aired in 2000. A range of experts hosts it. Two amateur antique collector teams meet at a UK antique fair and compete to search for a bargain that will earn the most money at auction. The teams are given £300 and they get to keep any profits they earn from the bargain hunting. There have been more than 50 series of it as of 2019. This show is definitely not going anywhere.

Flog It!

This is a great show to watch if you are looking for other antique sows that are based on the Antiques Roadshow’s successful format. Members of the general public can have their antiques valued by experts. Things are taken one step further by Flog It! They provide the chance to sell the antiques at auction. Although the archives have plenty of Flog It! episodes in it, the programme was cancelled by the BBC in 2019 after 1,000 episodes and 17 years.

Salvage Hunters

Drew Pritchard is a modern-day treasure hunter and host of the show (arguably the stars are the items that he finds). The programme first aired in 2011. it is now one of the top UK antique shows. Pritchard travels around the UK and beyond looking for antiques and the haggling, selling, and restoration processes are also shown. UK viewers absolutely love his antique restoration TV show. It is among the best antique TVshows you can watch if you are wanting to get a good of how to sell and buy antiques. His finds are also sold on Decorative Collective.

Dickinson’s Real Deal

David Dickinson was the original Bargain Hunt host. He switched to ITV from the BBC to host Dickinson’s Real Deal. It also follows the same format of the all-time great Antiques Roadshow by inviting members of the general public to get their collectables and antiques valued One way that it is different from the Antiques Roadshow format is that it has dealers attempt to buy items by offering cash. If they do not succeed with that, then the items are put up for auction. This is a nice variation on the theme of a very proven formula that some of the tp UK antique shows have used for many years.