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About Us

About Us

Enjoying the spirit of kite flying

We hope you enjoy looking around by clicking on the links above and finding out about the club or you could go to the Brighton Kite Flyers forum which has been set up for members and kite flyers to use to pass-on and receive information that will be useful to the club, its members and other kite flyers.

Brighton Kite Flyers affectionately known as BKF : brings together kite enthusiasts from all walks of kite flying with the aim of exchanging information, techniques and ideas. Founded in the 1970’s, the club has developed into a flourishing group with worldwide Membership. The club is known, and respected, for it’s friendly and enthusiastic approach to kite flying and it’s willingness to work with other kite flyers and public to promote the sport / hobby of kite flying.

2007 brought the 1st official recognition of this enthusiasm and the club was rewarded when it received an award for “team spirit” at the Portsmouth International Kite Festival. We again a few years later awarded the trophy again cementing this recognition, the only time this has been done since the award was first presented.

The club flies all around the world at not only specialized kite festivals but show events as well. We also have a flourishing diary of club only events and regularly meet for friendly fly-ins, workshops and social events through out the year.