red glovesFrom tips for waterproofing gloves to ways of preventing them from stretching – leather gloves experts at Chester Jefferies have created our comprehensive guide for caring for your adorable leather gloves so that you can use them for as long as you can. By the end of this guide, you will have us to thank.


Let us begin from the first point. When your leather gloves have been shipped to you, is there anything you could do to make them waterproof and protect them from harsh elements?

It is essential to bear in mind that leather is also a ‘skin’ which exhibits a natural resistance to some elements. Provided you don’t perform a random dive in the ocean, and your gloves will be fine.

Anyway, there are several high-street brands that are creating products meant to boost the natural resistance of leather gloves against rain. Although these could be incredibly useful, they could also alter the appearance of your gloves, especially if they are light in colour.

The crucial thing to always bear in mind is that whether you’re doing it for protection or not, if your leather gloves ever get wet, never dry them using external heat like a tumble dryer, fire, or radiator. You should leave the gloves to dry at their pace since this prevents them from drying out and cracking. Just let them be, they know the drill.

After your gloves are dry, we would recommend rubbing a neutral leather creme which aids in keeping them soft. These leather cremes are often available for purchase in many local stores, including John Lewis and Tesco’s.


Similar to other items made from quality leather, washing or cleaning leather gloves must be done with great care and only when it is absolutely necessary.

The colours are usually intricate since the skins are generally “full blossom” – dying and tanning additives are natural and, therefore, fixing colour is okay but using inappropriate chemical additives to wash will only damage your gloves.

However, if you own a pair of slightly marked gloves and would like to clean them, here are some steps to follow:

  • Start by preparing a lukewarm solution with pure soap flakes, like ‘Lux.’
  • Use a cloth to wipe down the leather glove gently. Avoid using sponge since it will crumble.
  • Never wash your gloves in a washing machine or fully immerse them in water.
  • Let your gloves dry naturally and as this happens, put them in your hands once in a while to allow them to stretch in addition to restoring their appropriate fit.


Over the years, we’ve had to deal with this question, ‘how can I prevent my gloves from stretching?’ Luckily, we have the answer to this question. ‘You often don’t have to.’

Leather is one of nature’s gift to glove manufacturers. Leather is naturally elastic, and recovery lets your hand pass through the glove’s narrow section before it reforms around the wrist and hand.

It is up to the glove cutter to select the appropriate piece of leather for every part of this product and then prepare the material so that it retains the right elasticity to make for an ideal leather glove.

Our simple advice to you would be that you invest in a quality pair of gloves since it will probably last a lifetime. Besides, choose the right glove size for your hand. Once you do this, you will probably not have to worry about your pair stretching out of their shape.


Most gloves have an extra lining of wool or silk for warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, because of leather’s nature, gloves shouldn’t be entirely submerged in water, and this makes cleaning the lining tricky.

We wouldn’t advise you to clean the lining of your pair of gloves since you will most probably damage them. If you must clean the lining, we recommend that you have a specialist dry cleaner do it for you.

A pair of quality leather gloves should easily outlive you. You just have to accord it the right care.