5 Reasons To Consider Hiring Disabled Employees
5 Reasons To Consider Hiring Disabled Employees

5 Reasons To Consider Hiring Disabled Employees


1. They Can Be Counted On and Trusted

One of the best things that you get from hiring someone with a disability is an employee that can be counted on. While relying on an employee with a disability is something a lot of employers have a hard time doing, the statistics show that disabled employees are much more reliable than non-disabled employees.

There was a study that showed that employees that had disabilities were less likely to take sick leave than those that weren’t disabled. They were a whopping 40% less likely to do so.

Along with this, employees that suffer from disabilities typically stay with a company for a lot longer than other employees. There was a study that showed that disabled employees ended up staying in their jobs an average of (.9) years longer than their counterparts.

For anyone hesitant to hire a disabled person because of the risk of injury shouldn’t be. The fact is, disabled employees are less likely to get hurt while on the job than those that aren’t.

For any employer, this means that you can count on them much more as they will be healthy and more reliable. You’ll have fewer employees turning over which can boost productivity throughout your company.

2. They Tend to See Things Differently

A lot of people have this thought that disabled people suffer from reduced performance. However, this is simply not the case. Those who are disabled tend to be some of the highest performers once they are placed in the right job.

A lot of employers will vouch for disabled workers as some of their highest performers for many reasons. Along with this, they tend to bring a different perspective to the workplace which can help in a big way. They can offer different approaches to problems that can yield great results for the business.

However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. After all, anyone with a disability has had to overcome many challenges and find new solutions to different issues they’re faced with. Overcoming problems is in their DNA due to the circumstances they deal with daily.

When a company takes the effort to hire people from various walks of life, the company benefits from having different perspectives and employees that can identify the right solutions due to their different work and life experiences. When hiring a disabled person you will need to consider things like disability awareness training.

3. More Insight into Your Customers

As many as 1 in 5 are currently living with a disability in Australia. This includes different customers from various businesses.

Because of this, you will be missing a lot if you don’t encourage the hiring of disabled people in your workforce. You need to have people that represent the population working for you to ensure you are giving your company the best chance to properly market and sell to the entire population and not only a segment of it.

After all, if you aim to target the entire population, you’ll need to have people working for you that represent them. It’s kind of like selling to women with a company full of men. That will put your business in a bad spot because women have unique life experiences that they can relate to that will give them an advantage when it comes to selling and marketing to other women.

4. They Can Make Your Brand Much More Likable

A lot of people make a concerted effort to do business with brands that are likeable and relatable. The more relatable your brand is, the easier it is to like. This goes for everything from customers to employees alike.

There was a study conducted recently that showed as many as 87% of people would prefer to do business with companies that actively hire disabled workers.

Likewise, many of those seeking jobs want to find brands and companies that make a concerted effort to hire diverse workforces because they feel much more confident it’s a fair business.

If you want to attract the right kind of talent to your workforce, don’t close the doors to people that have disabilities.

5. They Tend To Have Great Work Ethic

A lot of people that suffer from disabilities tend to have some of the best work ethic because they are used to doing things the hard way. As someone with a disability, you can’t take shortcuts. A lot of what you do daily requires effort and thought when others don’t have to think at all. As a result, they tend to be willing and able to put in maximum effort even for the little things.

Having a diverse staff with disabled workers can maximise the productivity of the entire company. Not only can it help to bring more diversity to the workforce, but it can improve employee morale. To help companies, the government offers incentives to employers for hiring disabled employees to make it even easier.

With the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF), companies can get the incentives they need to make their company a good place for disabled workers. This can be done by making improvements by adding ramps, making doorways wider for wheelchairs, and more.